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This interface is intended to be a Yaesu FT-817 control via PC. It can be used to ajust modes, frequencies or memory channels: with various programs such as MixW, RATS FT-817, TRX Manager, FT-basic, etc.
Yaesu seems to sell a cable, CT-62, but I have not seen them myself.
The IC, the MAX232 is used a lot to convert RS232 signals to TTL, but because not everyone knows it I have made the schedule below.
Please note, I built it myself, and it works well, but when you go build it yourself is at your own risk.
Oh yes, please note that you configure the correct "CAT rate", otherwise your rig can do things you don't want, for instance, transmitting on the wrong frequency.
Turning it of is difficult then, especially when the battery is still in it!

Notes with revision 2

It took a while, but here is the layout for the interface. I made a modification to the "original" circuit because the second set of ports in the MAX232 are better for making a nice PCB.
I hope I can present a second PCB within a few weeks that can fit in a 9 pin sub-d connector, unfortunately this means soldering some SMD.
Unfortunately I had to use a bitmap-file for the layout, you have to scale this to a PCB size of 69/42.5 mm.
I use IrfanView (version 3.17) for printing my PCB-layout scaled x 1.05 gives me the correct size. (I will try to use PDF file later, or some other format)

You should be able to find IrfanView on Homepage IrfanView.


Click here for the BMP file of the PCB
For an exact print of the PCB you should use this PDF file of the PCB.

Software for using the CAT interface can be found on:
Ham Radio DeLuxe

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