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To honor the Frisian Radio Amateur Group.

The conditions to aply for the FRAG Award are:

1. Stations within the Frisian province, the Netherlands: collect 15 points.
2. Stations outside the Frisian province but inside the Netherlands: collect 10 points.
3. Stations outside the Netherlands but inside Europe: collect 5 points.
4. Stations outside Europe: collect 2 points.

Scoring points:

Every clubmember of the FRAG is valid 1 point.
The clubstation PI4FRG is valid 2 points.

Look here for calls of members of the FRAG

The award is issued as a PDF-file sent by e-mail, or as a A4 Full Color print sent to you by mail.



Award to honor the Frisian 11 Citytour.

This is a skating tour of about 200 KM length visiting all major cities of the province FRYSLAN.
This skating tour is organised in the province FRYSLAN in the Netherlands during winterperiods when there are sufficient ice conditions on the canals and lakes.
About 15.000 skaters from all over the world are participating in the long distance skating trip.
The skaters are visiting 11 Frisian Cities on their trip from the start to the finish in the capital of the province LEEUWARDEN.
They are starting in the darkness very early in the morning and small group of competitive skaters are mostly finishing early in the afternoon.
The latest to start skaters mostly arrive again in the Frisian capital late in the evening until midnight.
At midnight the trip is closed and the remaining skaters are ordered to leave the ice on the canals and lakes.
The 200 KM long skating trip belongs to the hardest skating trips on natural ice in the world.

The conditions for applying the FRISIAN 11 CITIES AWARD are:

1. Stations inside the Frisian province: collect 15 points with at least 4 Frisian cities
2. Stations outside the Frisian province: collect 10 points with at least 3 Frisian cities.

The next Frisian cities are valid for the award:

Leeuwarden Stavoren Harlingen
Sneek Hindelopen Franeker
IJlst Workum Dokkum
Sloten Bolsward  

All QSO's with stations in the Frisian province are valid for 1 point.
A QSO with a Frisian clubcall like PI4FRG are valid for 2 points or 1 missing Frisian city.

The award is issued in multi color as a PDF-file sent by e-mail, or as a A4 Full Color print sent to you by mail.


Costs and payments:
The price of 1 PDF-award is € 4,00 for e-mailing to any e-mail address.
Please contact the award manager for the price of 1 Full Color A4 print sent to your adres.

Your payment can be made as follows:

Paying the suitable money in EURO's on the bank account of the radio club:

Friese Radio Amateur Groep
IBAN: NL14INGB0001450888

The money transfer costs must be paid by you.

You can apply for the award by mailing your log to the award manager.

Avondsterweg 14
8938 AK Leeuwarden

Or you can email your log to:

FRAG AWARD manager

Your application will be completed after reception of your payment.


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