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The DQB in the Netherlands the central point for receiving and shipping to and from the world. This service is "free" for members of the VERON and VRZA. The DQB pays 10,000 euros annually to postage costs.

The DQB has developed an automated system, in which all members associated information are stored. This system is by consulting members by logging on to the website www.dutchqslbureau.nl. Here you will also find information on the format of the QSL card, recommendations for filling, a link to the list of countries with IARU QSL bureau, a prefix list information etc.

You can check the linked website www.dqbmanager.nl that you specified in the appropriate region is and how you can pass to the DQB changes. In principle, this region is also the region where you can pick up at the regional meetings, your cards and / or deposit. If you wish to receive your cards in a different way, you take a look at the next chapter : Method R14.

The DQB distributes the cards across the country by utilizing regional QSL Managers (RQM). Use These are responsible for distribution and transmission within the region. Your cards can always be brought and collected at the department meeting your visit. Is not that the same as your own department, please make this known to the RQM. In addition, it is possible to receive at regular intervals. Your cards via a separate post- service You then make a deposit to cover the postage and a small annual contribution to material etc.

Finally, it is possible to pick up your tickets at home and bring the RQM.
The RQM of R14 (Friesland) is :

Brant Visser PE0BV
Feintenslaan 42
9269VD Veenwouden

Because the RQM can not visit all the meetings, the tray with cards placed / picked up at the sub - RQMs of A14 (North Friesland), A62 (Frisian Lakes), and FRAG VRZA once a month.
The FRAG-QSL manager is Wiebe Kooistra, PA -9565

To sort QSL cards to facilitate the QSL manager follows the method. If everyone acts in accordance with these rules, it remains for all involved organized and efficient .

The outgoing cards alphabetically by prefix, starting with 0 t / m 9 and A / m Z.
Thereafter, it is intended that the cards after sorting lie on land, the country where the card has to go. This is not always the country of the other station, but for example, the land of the QSL manager .
In principle, therefore, the prefix, but ....

The amount of new call letters, some countries together under a certain letter, so:

2A - 2Z, G t / m GZ, M0 t / m MZ and ZG t / m ZQ - under G (England)

3Z t / m 3ZZ, HF t / m HFZ and SN t / m SRP - under SP (Poland)

F t / m FZZ, HW t / m HYA, TH t / m HDG ,
TM t / m TMZ, TO t / m TQZ and TV t / m TXZ - under F (France)

U t / m UA0, RA t / m RA0 - under RA (Russia) Exception RA2

EM t / m EO and IR t / m UZZ - under UR ( kraine)

7S t / m 8SZ, SA t / m SMZ - under SM (Sweden)

J4 and SV t / m SZZ - under SV (Greece)

5B, C4, H2, P3 - under 5B

ZC4 - (Cyprus) refer QRZ.com

The cards for USA to sort by the number in the call letters (call -area).
Example: N0, K0, W0, N1, K1, W1, KB1, WB1, WB2, etc. and then submit it under K.
KL Alaska separately
KH Hawai separately
FP4 Puerto Rico separately

It is not necessary to mention region numbers at Dutch stations.

It is impossible to publish countries where no QSL bureau is. A list of prefixes This list will grow quickly and mutates frequently. However you feel, however, that, where there is DXpeditions, QSL manager takes over the job of an agency. But there are also a lot of "normal" countries without a desk. These are the most common:

3B8 - Mauritius J5 - Guinea Bissau
3B9 - Rodriguez Isl. J6 - St Lucia
3C - Equiatorial Guinea J8 - St. Vincent
3DA - Swaziland PZ - Suriname
3V - Tunesia ST - Sudan
4J - Azerbijan SU - Egypt
5A - Libya V3 - Belize
5R - Madagascar V4 - St Kitts and Nevis
8Q - Maldive Isl. VP8 - Falklands
A6 - United Arab Emirates VQ9 - Chagos Isl.
C6 - Bahamas XU - Cambodia
CN - Morocco XW - Laos
D2 - Angola XZ - Myanmar
D4 - Rep. Of Cape Verde YA - Afghanistan
ET - Ethiopia Z2 - Zimbabwe
EX - Kyrgyzstan Z8 - S. Sudan
FG - Guadeloupe ZA - Albania
FM - Martinique ZD7 - St. Helena
HH - Haiti ZD8 - Ascension Isl.
HV - Vatican City ZD9 - Tristan
HZ - Saudi Arabia  
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