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The Screwdriver antenna

Winter project 2015

The screwdriver antenna is the new winter project of the FRAG.
We (PD1JKS Jan, PD5JK Jacob en PE1PWF Edwin) started making a screwdriver antenna.

First we made the coil of a PVC pipe wrapped with plated copper wire. That went quite smoothly.

A lower tube was made ​​of stainless steel where the coil fits in easily. In order to let the coil make contact with the stainless steel tube, we mounted bairings with pressure springs in the top of the stainless steel tube. In order to let the antenna go up and down in the coil, we have made a spindle at the bottom of the coil. At the bottom of the spindle a 12 volt dc motor. This assembled entirely in the bottom of the stainless steel tube. And on top of the coil mounted a radiator is mounted.

To get the antenna waterresistent we put the antenna in a PVC tube and sealed it with O rings.
You can tune the antenna frequency from 1.6 MHz to 30 MHz.
Edwin has designed a box with a nice display, so you can check the rotation position of the antenna (band).

The screwdriver antenna project kit will cost 100 euros, this is without the radiator so you can choose your own.



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